Social Wine Bar

Nestled behind the cosy fireplace in the Crowne Plaza lobby you’ll find Christchurch’s best kept secret: Social Wine Bar, a haven for the overworked professional looking to inject some luxury into their 5pm drinks.

With an almost ‘007’ atmosphere (that only a hotel bar can truly provide), Social is perfect for scheming over Sauvignon Blancs, a gossip over G&Ts or networking over Negronis. Nothing is off the menu, we can do it all. Then again if you’re just in it for our cheese platter, no judgement; it’s legendary.

Behind the bar most nights is cheeky star-bartender Leo. Thanks to his decades of cocktail knowledge, his martinis are just as dry as his sense of humour so even if you’re drinking alone you’ll feel anything but lonely

Whatever you’re after, we’ll see you at Social!