Christchurch Street Art

An Urban Jungle Splashed In Colour

There is so much to see and do in Christchurch but one of the most popular is to follow the colourful trail of Christchurch street art. They city’s art scene is buzzing and is not afraid to put a statement across the city – from giant red lips with grills, interactive boxing bags and a swarm of friendly penguins. Be inspired in an urban jungle of cool graffiti, clever sculptures and humorous installations.

After experiencing a major earthquake in 2011, Christchurch was a city that needed to be rebuilt. With the widespread emotional and visible damage to the city, Street artists armed with spray cans came to rescue Christchurch’s blank city walls and turned them into vibrant masterpieces.

The paintings are not in place of official memorials, but are more guerrilla additions. The RISE street-art festival and From The Ground Up project organised and commissioned dozens of street art paintings in the city centre and central suburbs of Christchurch.

As well as locals, many street artists came from overseas to help develop Christchurch into a thriving pop culture city, and one of very few names listed in Lonely Planet’s top street art cities in the world.

Check out the map of the best pieces and murals in the city.

Street Art Map  

Photo courtesy of ChristchurchNZ